Why cleaning is good for my mental health

Today is the first day I’ve been able to catch up on things around the house. I know that sounds almost innocuous…things… But when you have two small children wreaking havoc, your clean house can turn into a crumb filled and poo-scented animal den in less than an hour. So I spent some valuable time for the sake of my own mental health to clean my bathroom – the most offensive room – and pick up scattered toys and clothes. It’s surprising how much having a clean home can help your mental state. Ok, lets be honest here, a marginally clean home. I’m no princess. I’m a boy mom. And the mess around here is more than I can tackle in the 45 minutes I set aside before sitting down to writing time. Do you take time to clean your home just to get some peace of mind? Even if it’s just picking up a few clothes off the floor?

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