Panic Over Toilet Paper, What to Do?

The news is full of people filling their shopping carts with loads of toilet paper in response to the newly-announced, but long overdue to be determined as a pandemic, Covid-19.

So your immediate question may be if you’re facing empty shelves, “What am I going to use?”

So, you’ve got a few options here.


In my opinion, this is the grossest option. However, if you’re desperate and have no other choice, it’s better than going foraging for leaves to wipe with. *shudder*

Here is a link to DIY some family cloth:

The second option would be a bidet. Here’s a nicely gross video by one of my absolute fave Youtubers – The Urban Prepper

So, if you’re one of the more unfortunate persons who met with empty shelves and really need toilet paper, that’s bad. I’m sorry for your trouble! There are a few more options you might want to consider if the following are not sold out…

Baby wipes and flushable wipes (DO NOT FLUSH THESE)

Paper Towels (Also, these should NOT be flushed for obvious reasons)

Paper Napkins (Don’t flush!!!!)

Face Tissue (Do. Not. Flush. and a tip from a good friend of mine over at DO NOT use menthol infused.)

Tissue Wrapping Paper (Duh, no flushies)

Please note: These are meant as suggestions to think outside the box for the desperate who are without toilet paper. If they give you a rash, don’t blame me.

If you are one of the unlucky who are sh*t out of luck (pun intended) don’t panic. Think outside the box!

This includes trying vendors who normally provide toilet paper to large businesses such as restaurants. You may not WANT to buy toilet paper in bulk 100 roll packages, but I guess it’s better than doing without. Right?

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